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Hi Tech Ultrasonic Cleaning Brisbane, Queensland, Australia can effectively clean and accommodate all types of Cooling components. A susperior cleaning solution to acid dipping for Heat exchangers, radiators, Oil Coolers and all metal drive train parts of your car, truck and heavy machinery and cooling systems. Ultrasonic Cleaning Brisbane is the safe way to clean metal components and can produce meticulous cleaning alternate to acid dipping.
Ultrasonic Cleaning Brisbane, Queensland for Automotive, Car, Truck, Mining, Heavy Machinery, Aerospace, Aircraft and Electronics. Engine Reconditioners - the area of success is in the cleaning of alloy heads and mechanical components and engine parts, engine blocks, gearboxes, hydraulic transmission oil coolers, differential oil coolers and engine oil coolers.

The ultra sonic cleaning process is far superior then acid dipping and saves you $$$.
Ultrasonic cleaning action removes visible and even microscopic dirt particles making your components like new.
Ultrasonic cleaning is the only process that can remove heavy staining.
Ultrasonic cleaning Brisbane, Queensland, Australia process is one of the most meticulous cleaning methods available.

Ultrasound produces sparkling as new parts and components:
Ultrasound is created by generators which produce high frequency electricity.
The high frequency electricity is then converted to sound waves through a transducer, the vibrating sound waves travel through the water producing microscopic bubbles which repeatedly implode upon the component surface.

The Ultrasonic cleaning process is quick and efficient and leave your components like new.. The process is suitable for all metal cleaning.
The temperature of the cleaning liquid also has a significant impact on performance. Maximum cavitation intensity occurs at a temperature range of between 50°C 60°C in aqueous solutions. Heating helps to degas as well as increase the chemical action of the liquid. An optimal combination of temperature and the gaseous condition of the liquid ensures the best cavitation and overall cleaning results.

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INDUSTRIES Automotive, Car, Truck Mining, Heavy Machinery, Aerospace, Aircraft, , Electronics, Health Care, Hospital, Medical, Optical, Pharmaceutical, Semi-Conductor, Textiles.

SUBSTRATES Ceramics, Delmat, Fiberglass, Glass, Graphite, Metals (All Types) Pyrex

PART TYPES Carbide Inserts, Circuit Boards, Connectors, Cutting Tools, End Mills, Fittings Gears, Housings, Implants, Jewelry, Machined Parts, Manifolds, Molds/Tooling, Musical Instruments ,Optics ,Saw Blades, Stampings, Surgical Instruments, Valves, Taps, Tubing
Hi Tech Ultrasonic Cleaning.

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