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The engineering industry is a large user of ultrasonic technology as they have a requirement for a precision clean. The components being manufactured often have machine oils and grease that remain as residue after the manufacturing process and this needs to be cleaned. The reason for this is that often further processes such as electroplating, polishing or powder coating need to take place after the manufacturing process. The component surface needs to be pristine to ensure an adequate bonding to the substrate and ultrasonic cleaning is best suited to this application.

In other industries the sensitive nature of the product being produced requires an intense clean. Some of these products include precision parts for the motor racing industry.. Ultrasonics in conjunction with the correct chemistry for each application is the most efficient and effective process to achieve the desired result.


INDUSTRIES Automotive, Car, Truck Mining, Heavy Machinery, Aerospace, Aircraft, , Electronics, Health Care, Hospital, Medical, Optical, Pharmaceutical, Semi-Conductor, Textiles.

SUBSTRATES Ceramics, Delmat, Fiberglass, Glass, Graphite, Metals (All Types) Pyrex

PART TYPES Carbide Inserts, Circuit Boards, Connectors, Cutting Tools, End Mills, Fittings Gears, Housings, Implants, Jewelry, Machined Parts, Manifolds, Molds/Tooling, Musical Instruments ,Optics ,Saw Blades, Stampings, Surgical Instruments, Valves, Taps, Tubing
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