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Heat Exchangers - Oil Coolers

Engine Reconditioners - ultrasonic cleaning of alloy heads and hydraulic transmission oil coolers, differential oil coolers, and engine oil coolers. The combination of the ultrasonics with new chemistry has resulted in the ability to reduce bead blasting substantially.
Levels of up to 95% reduction in bead blasting were achieved in research.
This reduces the manual element of the cleaning process and thus provides substantial cost savings $$$. The residue from bead blasting is also eliminated and therefore the potential for damage of the components once fitted is reduced.

A radiator being ultrasonic cleaned at Hi Tech Radiators

INDUSTRIES Automotive, Car, Truck Mining, Heavy Machinery, Aerospace, Aircraft, , Electronics, Health Care, Hospital, Medical, Optical, Pharmaceutical, Semi-Conductor, Textiles.

SUBSTRATES Ceramics, Delmat, Fiberglass, Glass, Graphite, Metals (All Types) Pyrex

PART TYPES Carbide Inserts, Circuit Boards, Connectors, Cutting Tools, End Mills, Fittings Gears, Housings, Implants, Jewelry, Machined Parts, Manifolds, Molds/Tooling, Musical Instruments ,Optics ,Saw Blades, Stampings, Surgical Instruments, Valves, Taps, Tubing
Hi Tech Ultrasonic Cleaning.

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