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Ultrasonic Cleaning For Stainless Steel

Most parts which are ultrasonically cleaned are manufactured of a metal of some kind. Stainless steel, copper, brass, steel, and other exotic metals are perhaps the easiest items to clean since they allow ultrasonic energy to pass directly through the material.
This allows the cleaning of interior part areas. A good example of this property can be found when cleaning metal tubing. Metal tubes cleaned ultrasonically, for example, are cleaned on the inside as well as the outside, since the ultrasonic energy can pass directly through the wall of the tube and cavitate the liquid inside of the tube.

Although metals can easily be cleaned ultrasonically in most cases, the properties of each metal are different, and therefore will require different cleaning procedures to ensure success


Stainless steel parts are the easiest to clean, since they are not subject to rusting in most cases, and are highly resistant to chemical attack and cavitational erosion,

Hi Tech Ultrasonic Cleaning Componets.

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SUBSTRATES Ceramics, Delmat, Fiberglass, Glass, Graphite, Metals (All Types) Pyrex

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